Echometrix Adds GE Healthcare Veteran to Board

Madison, WI – Echometrix, LLC has appointed Janet Lippincott to the Echometrix Board of Directors.  Ms. Lippincott brings with her a 40-year radiology career, including 30 years of sales and marketing experience with GE Healthcare, a global leader in the health care industry. She has demonstrated success with multiple global product launches, business development with a company acquisition, in addition to 10 years of direct clinical sales experience. She has led many multi-functional teams, developed business plans, and designed innovate go-to-market strategies. Ms. Lippincott has a keen ability to assess client needs and develop plans to meet those needs.

Ms. Lippincott holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration degree from Ottawa University.  She is replacing outgoing director Elizabeth Holland, who has been a board member since 2011.  Ms. Holland notified the Board of her intent to relocate to Oregon in September 2013 and her desire to eventually rotate off the board as part of her relocation.  She identified a replacement candidate as part of her transition, and continued to serve actively from her new location until the end of July when she rotated off the Board.

Ms. Lippincot will provide Echometrix valuable front line insights related to sales and marketing of its medical imaging products.  “Janet brings precisely the type of knowledge and experience that Echometrix needs as we begin to transition from an R&D phase into a commercial phase of our product lifecycle,” said Jeff Dalsin, Echometrix CEO.

EchoSoft will dramatically improve the utility of standard ultrasound equipment by providing a more accurate assessment of connective tissue injuries at initial diagnosis and during rehabilitation.  EchoSoft will make better treatment more available and affordable.  A recent study shows that ultrasound could effectively substitute for MRI in 45% of initial diagnoses, potentially saving Medicare about $350 million annually.

“The Echometrix technology and Echosoft product has great potential to change the fundamental way that soft tissue injuries are diagnosed and managed.  I am excited to be able to contribute through my experience in medical imaging,” said Ms. Lippincott.


About Echometrix LLC

Echometrix is a Madison-based developer of proprietary ultrasound technology focused on creating rapid growth in the market for musculoskeletal ultrasound. The company’s products, based in part on UW-Madison technology licensed from WARF, will improve the speed, convenience, and efficacy of musculoskeletal injury analysis and management, while lowering cost. Early studies have demonstrated improved utility for injury assessment when compared with traditional ultrasound. The company is well positioned to address opportunities at the nexus of three growing markets: portable ultrasound, musculoskeletal imaging, and orthopedics. For more information, visit:


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