Madison, WI – Echometrix, LLC, developer of advanced ultrasound technology for musculoskeletal injury diagnosis and treatment management, announced today that the company has been invited to present at three high profile investor conferences over the next several weeks.  These conferences include the Investment-in-Innovation (IN3) Medical Device Summit (November 5-7) in San Francisco, the SoCalBio Investor and Partnership Conference (Nov. 13-14) in Los Angeles, and the New England Venture Summit (Dec. 10) in Boston.  Each “pitch” presentation typically consists of a 7-10 minute oral presentation followed by a short question-answer period.  The goal of each presentation is to get follow-up meetings with interested investors to allow them a deeper dive into the company, its technology, and plans for the future.

Echometrix is currently raising a $500,000 bridge round and anticipates seeking Series A funding in mid-2015 to fund full-scale product commercialization.

“The opportunity to expose investors nationally to Echometrix and our products and technology is critically important in the context of both the company’s current fundraising effort as well as future rounds of fundraising where we expect great participation form intuitional investors, including venture capital funds,” said Echometrix Chief Executive Jeff Dalsin.

“Investor interest in Echometrix is strong from both coasts.  Invitations to these conferences signals that we are on the right track in commercializing Echometrix’s valuable ultrasound technology,” said Shawn Guse, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

About Echometrix LLC

Echometrix is a Madison-based developer of proprietary ultrasound technology focused on catalyzing penetration into the market for musculoskeletal ultrasound. The company’s products, based in part on UW-Madison technology licensed from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), will improve the speed, convenience, and efficacy of musculoskeletal injury analysis and management, while lowering costs compared to other imaging techniques. Early studies have demonstrated improved utility for injury assessment when compared with traditional ultrasound. The company is well positioned to address opportunities at the nexus of three growing markets: portable ultrasound, musculoskeletal imaging, and physical therapy. For more information,


For more information or media inquiries, please contact Jeffrey Dalsin at or 708-955-8058.