Use of MRI for the routine diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions in the U.S. will cost $2.5 billion by 2020. Echometrix’s advancements in ultrasound technology for the evaluation of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions will help to solve this problem by making ultrasound easier to use by a variety of treating clinicians.

Increasingly, ultrasound is being used for musculoskeletal diagnosis, but the challenge is that no standard approach exists. Echometrix is meeting this unmet clinical need with PlyoRem tissue analysis module, which enables improvements to soft tissue diagnosis and management:

Provide objective measures at diagnosis and during the healing process (i.e., strained vs. torn differential diagnosis)
Available at the point of care
Exams are one-third the cost of MRI
Usable by all trained treating physicians

Ultrasound equipment miniaturization, cost reduction, and improvements in image quality have dramatically expanded the useful applications for ultrasound in healthcare. One of the least-penetrated markets for ultrasound is musculoskeletal, and major players in the ultrasound industry are very focused on this market, although they lack the technological advantage offered by Echometrix.


Initial experiments performed, papers published in Vandery Lab
WARF grants exclusive license

Key US and int’l patents issued (US 7,744,535 & US 7,736,315)
Granted Wisconsin investor tax credits

First Echometrix patent applied
Echometrix closes round of seed financing

Additional accuracy & functionality added to Echosoft v2.0
WARF extends license to veterinary medicine

Kenneth S. Lee, MD, MBA joins company as CMO
First company-assigned patent is issued (US 8,840,555)

Commercial launch of Echosoft RV
Commence full-scale commercial development of Echosoft Tablet

EchoSoft + Diagnostic Ultrasound Diagnostic Ultrasound Diagnostic Ultrasound w. Shear Wave Elastography MRI Physical Manipulation
IMAGE CAPABILITY Diagnostic ultrasound image with AE color map & quantification Dynamic image visualization Dynamic ultrasound image & stiffness color map Very clear static visual images, preferred diagnostic image None
QUANTIFIES TISSUE FUNCTION Yes, measures mechanical properties of ligaments, tendons and muscle No No, identifies tissue stiffness differences through sheer wave vibration No No, clinician’s
PRICE $35,000 to $45,000 $25,000 to $250,000 $100,000 >$1,000,000 Low
USABILITY Advanced, easy usability for musculoskeletal applications Standard usability and visualization for broad applications Standard usability with tested capability to analyze tumors Well established protocols for practitioners Well established protocols for practitioners
AVAILABILITY Real-time, portable, mobile, accessible Real-time portable, mobile, accessible Real-time, not portable Not real-time Real-time and highly available


PlyoRem software is currently being used and tested in clinical settings around the world, further solidifying its future as an innovative and effective tool to advance ultrasound technology. It will also demonstrate its value by ultimately providing a new revenue stream to treating clinicians, who previously needed to refer patients to a radiologist.

PanAm Clinic (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Evaluation of Achilles tendinopathies and tears in clinical setting
Head-to-head comparison of Echosoft to MRI evaluations at diagnosis and endpoint

Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia)

AE validation in a variety of clinical models (patellar tendon, ulnar collateral ligament, Achilles tendon)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Vanderby Lab)

Ongoing development of acoustoelasticity (AE) diagnostic tool
Demonstration of Echosoft use in research setting


Echometrix has exclusive license to patents covering the core technology
PlyoRem software is compatible with all standard ultrasound image output
Echometrix is a Wisconsin Qualified New Business Venture. Qualified in-state investors receive a 25% tax credit from the State of Wisconsin. Learn more at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) website


The continued successful development of this innovative software requires collaboration. Our partners include

Clinical testing facilities to demonstrate the software’s utility,
Experts to further develop the computational speed and capability of PlyoRem software, and
Investors to get involved in supporting our integration onto commercial ultrasound.